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Private Rooms for Peachy Celebrations

Looking to make your next get-together extra special? Our private rooms offer a delightful haven for small groups.

Private Peaches

 We have 2 small private rooms that can accommodate 6 guest each, at RM500 minimum spend per room. For 7-12 guests, we will combine both rooms. The minimum spend for a combined room is RM800.

Want to add a personal touch? Outside decorators are welcome to work their magic! Just keep in mind that our private rooms are cozy (perfect for small groups!), so plan your decorations accordingly. To protect our lovely wallpaper, we kindly ask you to avoid any decorations that require sticky tapes or adhesives. We're happy to provide a complimentary one-hour window before your reservation and after your event for set-up and take-down.

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Outside Cakes

When bringing your own cakes for your event, kindly ensure that your party also orders at least one of our desserts. Please be aware that we do not have refrigeration facilities to store outside cakes.

BYO Alcohol

If you choose to bring your own alcohol, your party will be required to purchase at least one of our beverage bottles to open their own. We do not impose corkage fees.

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